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Using Recycled Materials

With all the talk of recycling nowadays, we are certainly proud to be known as a forerunner in this regard.

Many of the materials we salvage from demolition are sometimes not able to be reused in the project they were originally part of. However they are often quite suitable for other projects and with no sacrifice to quality whatsoever.


The patio and driveway above are both made from entirely recyled materials. They are both actually at my home in Rockland. The patio is a combination of an old set of bluestone steps and an old patio from two separate jobs. The used driveway brick were all purchased just down the street from me from someone that had collected and cleaned them himself from demolition jobs he had performed. And the cobblestones I have been accumulating for years and were from various locations.

Earth's resources are precious. There is no need to throw away good things - even though this often means a bit more physical labor on our part.

We keep a collection of literally thousands of brick on hand. These can be extremely useful when trying to perform repair work. If we need a special type of older brick to blend in with the masonry at your home or business, we just may have it in stock. Repair work needs to be blended well so as not to stick out like a sore thumb. Collecting these older bricks helps us greatly to that end.