Masonry & Chimney Service
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Chimney & Fireplace Repairs - Liners, Caps and Flashing  


We offer full maintenance & repair services for your chimney and fireplace.

We install caps, identify and repair leaks, replace flashing, sweep and clean your flues, rebuild fireboxes, install liners. Give us a call with any problems your having and we'll do our best over the phone to help you even before we come to take a look.

Problems like the one pictured above are all too common. This gentleman had a chimney fire and that was how we were called and discovered this problem. Due to improper construction, these flue tiles shifted and collapsed. This resulted in not only a very poorly drafting chimney, but a dangerous situation as well. We removed the clay flue tiles, installed a heavywall liner for his woodstove and a stainless liner for his furnace as well. Good as new!... Actually better.

We can install a liner for you for your fireplace, furnace or water heater. These help reduce the deterioration of a chimney and can be a very cost- effective alternative to rebuilding a worn chimney. They also cure any breeches or holes your chimney may have. These holes could allow carbon monoxide from your furnace or fiery embers from your fireplace to get into your home unseen.