Masonry & Chimney Service
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Well Blended Masonry Repairs

We provide some of the finest masonry skills around for the beautification of your home or business.  Not only do we perform new construction, but historical restoration and repairs are one of our specialties. Our work comes with a 20 year warranty on both materials AND labor.

When you need repair work done, we will make it look as seamless as possible - you don't want it to LOOK like a repair! We expertly custom mix mortars and cements to look almost identical to the original. We also pick the proper type of stone or brick to match what you have as best we can, no matter the age of the original materials.


Here are two openings that needed to be filled with new masonry. Luckily we had the exact brick in our stockpile to match it! 


The finished product!


We added three feet to this chimney...Tough to tell where we started! (This looked even better once it dried!) And that's the idea - You don't want people to SEE that there was work done. It needs to blend in naturally. We get the best matching products available. We mix and tool the mortar in such a way to make it look as old as the original.

We repointed about 50% of this wall area... Can't tell where we worked can you? Perfect match.

A few more photos of some of our work....