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Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance

We do a more thorough job than most when cleaning your chimney!

We do not simply run brushes up and down the chimney flue. We scrub the inside of your fireplace. We remove the damper door and clean it as well as the smoke chamber - the large open area right above the damper.

We spread dropcloths and use powerful HEPA filtered vacuums to insure that no soot enters your home. We keep the process worry free.

While cleaning, we are sure to inspect everything to make sure it is safe. We will be sure to let you know about anything we find that could be a concern. We are more than happy to point the problem out for you to look at yourself so you can see exactly what we are talking about.

We can also perform absolutely any repairs necessary to keep your chimney safe and in excellent working order.

The cost for having either a fireplace or a furnace flue swept and inspected is generally $185. If you have 2 flues cleaned on the same visit, it is $350 and $140 each for any additional flues.




When we come to clean your chimney, two types of brush heads are available. If your chimney is lined with clay tiles, a stiff wire brush will be used. It does an excellent job of scraping the walls thoroughly and removing any built up creosote. Creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires.


If your chimney is UNlined, then a brush called a sweeps-all will be utilized. It is less rigid and will not disturb the walls of what may be an already delicate flue.

It is a good idea to install a cleanout door if you do not already  have one. It typically should be placed about a foot below where your furnace or water heater vent duct enters your chimney. This makes routine cleaning and inspections much easier. And if a blockage should ever occur, it will be much easier to deal with expediently.



A chimney cap helps keep water out of your chimney. This is very helpful in preventing deterioration and decay of the structure. It also insures that  animals will not be able to get inside your chimney. It can aid in the solving of downdraft issues as well.

The cap should be large enough to cover your ENTIRE chimney. Why you ask? It does a much better job of keeping water off the crown of the chimney. The less water you allow to soak in and freeze, the better off your chimney is. We can order caps in any size and style. We carry a very wide selection of standard sizes in stock as well.